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Magnetic Tunnels Ft. Fucks to Give Dangles

Magnetic Tunnels Ft. Fucks to Give Dangles

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1 PAIR of handcrafted ECJ Mag Tunnels ft Fucks to Give Dangles
These “Fucks to Give” earrings give you extra fucks to give in case you already wasted your own... 🤓

The basics of Fuckonomics - in the beginning everyone starts their life with a bank of many fucks to give...
As you grow older, your account of fucks becomes less and you start to learn how to spend them more wisely and efficiently...
As you get even older, you are naturally forced to spend them more efficiently, because you have only 1-2 fucks left per year...
Eventually, you are running out of this rare resource...
So, the concept of Fuckonomics is that the fucks are limited and only last for so long...😊

Choose Your Material:
*Bloodwood Tunnels
*Ebony Wood Tunnels
*Olive Wood Tunnels
*Amethyst Stone
*Tiger Eye Stone
*Rose Quartz Stone (SOLD OUT)
*Opalite (Moon) Stone
*White Jade Stone (SOLD OUT)
Gauge Size options:
2g(6mm) to 38mm
Our Signature ECJ MAG Tunnel concept turned creation in 2012 while finding a way to allow Plugs to become a part of our Ever-Changing lifestyle! Each Plug or Tunnel is carefully handcrafted to a proper fitting wearable gauge size with Double or Single Flare Tunnel options. Crafted and hand finished using Jojoba oil and organic wax to prolong the life and appearance of your ECJ plugs!

Items are MADE TO ORDER and shipped within 3-5 business days from date of purchase , excluding Echecks and Holidays. International orders may take between 2-4 weeks to be delivered depending on your countries customs.
Buyer is responsible for any custom taxes on packages.

★Please note: The plugs should be taken off before going under or around water and should be stored away from other metal jewelry to prevent scratches. Jojoba oil should be used for best upkeep of wood plugs.

☆Find more information and close up photos at: or Instagram: @everchangingjewelry

Our Commitment to Giving Back:
BUY ONE, PLANT ONE - As if getting Eco-friendly amazing Organic Wooden Plugs & Tunnels were not enough, you can feel proud knowing that a tree was planted with your purchase! This is something that means a lot to us, and was one of the motivating factors that led us to create this company! The charity that we are partnered up with is !

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