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Implant Grade Titanium Seamless Bendable Hoop

Implant Grade Titanium Seamless Bendable Hoop

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✦ Sold as One Single Piece ✦

 Material: Solid ASTM F-136 Titanium (Implant Grade Titanium)
-Used with nose, septum, lip, cartilage piercing

* How to care your new Jewelry **

Body Jewelry, regardless of the material, will require an extra care as the material is inserted into the flesh. We recommend the followings.

-Always remove jewelry when performing heavy sweating exercise, swimming, and showering as any substances like water, oil, chlorine, perfume, and sweat may damage the jewelry.

-Always use warm water and mild soap, if you need to clean. Never use alcohol or any chemicals as they may cause discoloration or other adverse reactions to the jewelry. Always dry your body and jewelry thoroughly before reinserting. Be sure to use soft non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching the metal.

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