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Care Tips and Tricks for Your Wood Organic Ear Gauges

by Lisa Wills 27 Dec 2017 0 Comments
Care Tips and Tricks for Your Wood Organic Ear Gauges

With a bevy of wonderfully crafted and designed wood organic ear gauges online, from understated to formal, classy and playful, you have a wide selection of picks to choose from. However, a huge part of owning these plugs is knowing how to care for the pieces as well. Here are useful tips you can use to pull that off:

Use the right cleaning solution

Apply a bit of liquid soap onto the plugs then carefully rub this into the outside and inside of the ear gauges. Allow warm water to flow through the earring while you do this, says LiveStrong. Once that's done, wash them until they're clean of any debris and dust. Rinse with cool water and leave them on a paper towel to dry.

Try jojoba oil

Pour the oil onto a clean cloth and rub that onto the inside and outside of the plugs. This will give the surface of the jewelry a shiny and glowing polish. If yours is already looking dull and worn, a coating of jojoba oil can be an easy fix for that. If you want to keep your wooden jewelry protected from cracking or drying out, regularly applying jojoba oil to these pieces will ensure that they last much, much longer. However, just remember that using oil on wood tends to darken the wood over time.

Don't soak it

Never soak your wood plugs. Leaving them too long in water isn't the best way to get rid of any of the dust and dirt. The wood will end up swelling instead. This will ruin the shape of the earrings.

Keep them in a good spot

Don't just toss your ear plugs onto a handy side table when you're done. Put the pair in its proper place. A jewelry box is a good choice. That way, you won't have to go and hunt them down every time you want to wear matching pairs. You'll have easy access to your ear plugs at any time.

Be careful

Wood is fragile. That means dropping the ear plugs could lead to cracks or breaks, to the point that these could completely damage the pieces. If you want to keep wearing your plugs for as long as possible, exercise care and caution whenever you handle them. That way, you can keep on seeing those plugs in your jewelry box for many, many years to come.

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