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5 Care Tips If You’re Using Organic Wood Plugs

by Lisa Wills 09 Nov 2017 0 Comments
5 Care Tips If You’re Using Organic Wood Plugs

Go for organic plugs

If you want to go for the natural look, you can opt for organic wood plugs. With organic options, you won’t have to worry that the plug might irritate your skin. Organic plugs are often non-irritating. They’re also so much lighter than plugs made of metal, glass or even stone. In addition, organic plugs have odor-reducing properties that make them an ideal option over other choices. And unlike other materials, organic plugs are safe for X-rays and MRIs, so that’s one less worry off your plate.

Jojoba oil works

You can wash the plugs with soap and water. Remember to use a mild, non-chemical oil soap. After that, you can rub jojoba oil into the plugs. Let the wood soak up all that oil before you rinse it with cool water, says eHow. The oil will then fill the pores of the wood and serve as a protective layer from the buildup of dead skin cells. It can also protect your plugs from any changes due to any moisture.

Remove every other week

Make sure you follow this tip. Don’t try to wear your earlobe plugs for too many weeks in a row. Then wash the plugs and apply oil to ensure the plugs are protected before you use them again. This can help keep your plugs in better shape much, much longer.

Sand rough spots

In case you have organic wood plugs made out of maple, you might need to sand over any spots that might start to feel rough. However, do it with all the gentleness and care you can muster. That should easily resolve any rough spots in no time.

Restore luster

If you think your plugs are starting to lose their shine, you can simply re-polish your jewelry pieces by coating them with natural beeswax or organic oils. Jojoba is a good choice if you’re looking for organic oils to use. This will restore the luster of your pieces so you can look forward to wearing your old pieces again. If you have a ton of old organic plugs that have lost their luster, you can bring those old pieces back to life again simply by re-polishing them with organic oil.

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